A Note from NCTC's Website Manager on the Future of Indieop.net

NCTC has been busy revamping our members-only website, www.nctconline.org, as well as establishing a robust presence in the social media realm, with our new Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Meanwhile, as we've increased the audience and the reach of our main site and our social streams, user activity here on Indieop.net continues to decline. If this trend continues as expected, we'll soon reach the point where it's no longer feasible to operate Indieop.net, and we'll need to turn the site off.

Before we make that call, though, I want to invite each of you that use this site to check out our other online resources.

First and foremost is nctconline.org, our recently-expanded members-only website for news, information, transaction-processing and industry resources. If you don't have a login for nctconline.org, please sign up today

If you are a current user of Indieop.net's discussion forums, I invite you to check out our Facebook page. You can post comments, questions and photos there, and engage with far more people in the industry than Indieop.net currently reaches.

For real-time updates from our two industry shows, WEC and TIS, as well as day-to-day posts about what's up and coming at the co-op, follow us on Twitter.

I don't have a set date for when we'll be deactivating Indieop.net. I want to make sure folks have a chance to explore our other online resources first, so nobody gets left high-and-dry. If you have any concerns or questions about Indieop.net, or any of our online resources, I'd love to hear from you . I can be reached by phone at 913-310-1554, or you can e-mail me


Brian Dowell

Website Manager,


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