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My first interview with Mike went like this.  Hi, are you hungry?  Let's go grab lunch at the Stonewall Inn.  I don't remember what he asked me after that.  I am so grateful he hired me.  My years at NCTC taught me so much, I made so many good friends and was exposed to incredible experiences.  It was always a pleasure working for the NCTC members, as they are some of the nicest people on the planet.  And my co-workers there were amazing -- and I feel fortunate that we still keep in touch.  God Bless APA!lastday%20004.jpgcoopuniform.jpg

On behalf of the Canadian Cable Systems Alliance (CCSA), I’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire NCTC team on your 30th anniversary.  

Since CCSA’s inception in 1993, the NCTC has been a valuable ally and source of advice to our organization - and it was with Mike Pandzik’s assistance that we became an incorporated buying group in 1994.  Since that time, we’ve continued to meet and learn from each other - exchanging ideas, discussing plans, sharing strategies and overcoming challenges.  The NCTC has been supportive every step of the way. For that, we are extremely grateful.

We’d like to thank all NCTC Members for your gracious hospitality and for always making us feel welcome when we attend your summer Independent Cable Show and Winter…

Congratulations, NCTC! We applaud your entire team for playing a key role in building your organization through exceptional service, dedication and bridging strong relationships.  NCTC fulfills an essential role in our industry to extend the reach cable and broadband.   Thirty years is a tremendous accomplishment and it is an honor for all of us at Jones/NCTI to have been part of your history and we look forward to being a part of your future.  

When I took over the programming contracts for my company in 2007, I knew NOTHING about programming. I looked to the NCTC for guidance on many things and was always impressed by the level of patience I was given. Since then, I've witnessed the NCTC exponentially grow the number of tools and resources they have available to us. They really "get it" and are able to forecast what their members need before they ask for it. Their level of communication and staff likability are second-to-none! Thanks NCTC!

Michelle Elmer, Information Systems Project Manager

Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association

by Rick Sullivan

In 2007, Brenda Stottler from Arris/Telewire, Brian Shapson from Extreme Broadband, Russ Eldore and myself, Rick Sullivan from Times Fiber Communications, decided to walk to the dinner at Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Most everyone else took the bus.  After being on the exhibit floor all day we decided it would be invigorating to take the thirty-minute walk and enjoy the brisk ocean air.  As we were walking, laughing and chatting, we came upon a man and a woman who were carrying a dog kennel on two poles.  I inquired into what they were doing.  The nice young lady informed me that there was a report of a baby sea lion on the rocks ahead in need of rescue, shortly there after we came upon the sad site of the distressed baby on the rocks below. 

We quickly…

From Joe Lee McClellan:

Our records show that Nelson Cable joined the NCTC on January 30, 1986.  This was right after I saw an advertisement in one of the Trade Publications.  Had I known about NCTC before, I would have joined sooner.  NCTC has come a long way since starting out in a basement with, I believe just one employee.

I believe the most memorable event is the year that the show was held in Chicago and Ted Turner attended, who had just won the Americas Cup sail boat race. 

We won your Member of the Year Distinguished Service Award in 1993 - I was told because of our participation in NCTC's programs.

Ahhhh the memories!  Consolidated Cable in Nebraska wins grand prize of a deluxe package for two to Indy Sonoma during NCTC Summer Conference in Monterey, CA - Aug.1, 2007.  Pictured L – R : Tom Burns (Motorola, now with AMT), Brian Thompson (Consolidated Cable) & Liz Cirelli (Motorola, now with ARRIS).

by Jason Keever

In the winter of 2000, I made my very first sales call in this industry and it was to the NCTC. I remember (like it was yesterday) being this scared 22-year old kid sitting in front of Mark Bishop, the SVP of Hardware Sales along with one of my VPs and a couple other colleagues. We agreed on a deal just shy of $20M in fiber-optic cable and hardware to conclude the discussion.

About two months later, I went in for my first meeting with the NCTC by myself. Mark looked at me and said, “We have a major problem – the market is tanking and there’s no way our membership can buy that much cable and hardware.” I had arrived during one of the most significant downturns our industry has seen. Little did I know that this introduction to the NCTC and its membership would have such a profound impact on me and my career.

Despite the challenges, I kept my head down and worked as hard as I could to try and meet every member and support the coop and its employees…

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, Santa Anita Park, "The Great Race Place" is home to HRTV.  We greatly appreciate our partnership with the NCTC and the support HRTV has received from hundreds of NCTC members.  Its a safe bet that the best is yet to come!  Happy #30. 

Just want to give a big shout out to NCTC and say Happy 30th Anniversary! It's been a pleasure to have the support of the NCTC throughout the years! Brian Dowell, Charlotte, JoAnn, Frank, among so many others, you've all been so helpful! HunTel CableVision, d.b.a. American Broadband thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!! :)

When a decision was made in the mid ‘90’s to make what was then simply billed as NCTC’s Annual Members Meeting a family event, the wheels were set in motion for something like this to happen. The logic behind inviting families was to make the meeting an easier business decision for members. If families could come and make the meeting a mini-vacation, then it would be easier for members busy with the day-to-day management of their systems to justify attending the Annual Meeting.

Mix in great destinations (Orlando, Monterey Bay, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.) at a reasonable cost, and a summer tradition was born. When NCTC joined summer meetings with the American Cable Association (ACA), the rebranded Independent Show became the focus of summer trips for many of our independent cable company members.

When I joined NCTC in 1994, Tyrone Garrett of Semo Communications in Sikeston, MO was a member of the Board of Directors. With kids similar in age, both kids and parents…

Congratulations NCTC on celebrating your 30th anniversary in the cable television industry!  I couldn't resist posting this picture of my husband, probably taken around 1967, in front of the company vehicle, a station wagon! ( I guess poles were a lot shorter back then.)    His father started Moosehead Cable TV in 1964, so we are celebrating our 50th year in business!  It is still very much a family business.  My husband and his brother are owners, I run the office and do all the bookwork, and we have one part-time employee who helps with phone coverage and office work.  We have about 1500 customers spread out over 6 small towns in northern…

Tri-County Communications, Inc. began operations in 1992 in a rural area of eastern North Carolina. As the person hired to get the cable company office up and running, I was lost. I barely knew how to watch cable TV, being used to an antenna, much less how to talk to programmers. But, I started making phone calls and getting contracts in the mail. Not sure what rates should be, it seemed one in particular certainly liked their product...AMC.  As I was talking to the manager of a sister co-op, he asked if I had called the NCTC--"they can save you a lot of money".

I did, and you did. What I saved on AMC alone almost paid for my entire lineup. And, the savings keep on coming. On top of that, the time saved, not to mention the frustration, in negotiations is worth a fortune. It is always a pleasure to tell programmers NCTC is my negotiating agent. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. I can't fail to mention my rep, Karen Jaklevich. She is…